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Boyfriend pants
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One Signe from Verdal
One Caroline from Mosvik

Since I got a job in the newspaper T-A, in the FILTER section, I interviewed Caroline today.
She hated my questions. I wrote to slow, and she couldn't concentrate so much she took my mac an wrote the answers without me actually interviewing her. But that's OK, more time for me to do nothing............

I'll go back to doing nothing, and look forward to a test in "crime and punishment" tomorrow...........

In 2 hours I'll be swamped with 40-50 people around me, I'm the leader in my 4H club, and we're having a meeting with two other clubs, eating hot-dogs and playing. THAT WILL BE FUN. YES.

..... hadde nest siste dag med engelsk i dag så jeg tenke det passa seg. HAHA.

Nå går jeg

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02.06.2010 kl.14:57

Haha, du e søt!


02.06.2010 kl.15:19

MargreteM: Hahaa :>

M a k e m e s m i l e !